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Delivery & Payment

Payment for service

1. The Client may pay using “Przelewy 24” which provides a safe and instantaneous money transfer. This operator does provide any bank details of clients i.e. credit card or account numbers to USBOX . We only receive payment confirmation.

2. In the case of shipments to Poland, the logistics costs include warehousing, handling, preparing necessary documentation, delivering a package to the final destination point in Poland as well as additional services ordered by the Client.

3. If the Client wishes to return a package to a U.S. vendor, the logistics costs include warehousing, handling as well as the cost of sending a package to any addressee in the USA.

2. The cost of customs and taxation services is an overestimated cost of customs clearance (handling, duty, tax) as handing over the package to a courier is possible only after completing all formalities between the Client and the Customs Office. An overpayment will be returned to the Client upon receiving a decision from a Customs Official. If underpaid, the package would have been held at the Customs Office until the difference was settled (1-2 working days

3. If not specified otherwise, the logistics costs include delivery within Poland

Shipping costs

They are determined on the basis of the final cost offer payable on acceptance. The costs are calculated individually for every order. 

Delivery Time

The time between purchasing a product on a website and delivering it to the US warehouse is an individual matter. American online shops usually offer free ground shipping but with the lead time even up to 10 days. Clients may decide to speed up their delivery, which may be subject to additional charges. All accepted and paid packages are shipped weekly to Poland on Fridays. It should be noted that having several packages consolidated may extend the waiting time for your order as every package needs to be collected and repacked. Once a newly formed package is weighed and measured the client is asked to accept a new importing offer and costs.

Shipping by airmail takes one day from the moment of handing packages over to a courier to delivering to the customs office.

The customs agency is obliged to clear the goods within two days and transfer them further to couriers responsible for delivering to final destinations. However, the goods can be cleared only on a business day, which is when the customs agency is provided with required documents.